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How to avoid greenwashing

Are you really green or just playing green?

It will no longer be enough to simply say: We are "green".

Greenwashing is a deceptive marketing tactic that presents products or services as greener than they actually are.

Testing Greenwashing and Green Claims is important for several reasons:

  1. Protecting consumers who have the right to truthful information to make informed decisions.
    Greenwashing and Green Claims can lead to misleading product perceptions and influence purchasing decisions.
  1. Legal implications: In the EU, there are legal standards that regulate Greenwashing, such as the Consumer Rights Directive and the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive. Violation of these guidelines may result in penalties.
  1. Sustainability and the Environment: Greenwashing and Green Claims can obscure the real impact of companies on the environment.
  1. Company reputation: Greenwashing and Green Claims can damage a company’s reputation in the long run.
    If it is revealed, it can lead to a drop in the value of the company and loss of customer trust. And probably nobody wants that!

Greenwashing testing helps ensure transparency and truthfulness in companies’ communications, which is key to building trust and promoting truly sustainable practices.

We at Data Servis have long been dedicated to monitoring legislation in this area and have prepared a methodology for applied market research in the environmental field – Greenwashing and Green Claims.

Our Greenwashing and Green Claims Pre-testing methodology will confirm (or not) to what extent all prerequisites of “green” claims are met and whether consumers are not being misled.