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Data Servis

Data Servis – informace s.r.o. has exploited a gap in two market areas On trade and Utility. We stood at the very beginning and laid the foundation stones in these two areas in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thanks to the trust of our clients and the opportunity, we were the only Czech company able to create a unique and functioning survey methodology that is still valid today.

Over the past 25 years we have been involved in many important acquisitions and with our information support many new brands have entered the market. DS reporting is used to value companies and brands in the market, is part of annual reports, is a benchmark for remuneration and serves as a benchmark for other companies and countries.

We're reliable, action-oriented, genuine because we're experienced.

Our story

In the On trade/ HoReCa area, which was not “kissed” by the survey at all until 1998, we started measuring. At that time we decided to do it from the woods. We started by defining the potential of the market and developed a methodology for measuring it. The standards for how to identify and measure the basic facts about the market – its size, structure, regional relevance, price level and brand penetration – are still valid today. We are the only research company that has a perfect overview of every establishment in the market and knows the Universum On trade in a continuous continuum. Although this market has undergone major changes and legislative impacts, our proven and applied methodology is indispensable for accurately gauging information on what is happening in the market in terms of trends, market position of categories and brands.

Utilities was the second area we focused on from the beginning. We started working with the energy company ZČE, a.s. Thanks to the visionary management of ZČE, it was us who were entrusted with the creation of a methodology for measuring customer satisfaction in both the B2C and B2B segments. This was at a time when customers were still literally “chained” to their energy supplier and there was no choice. By applying the international methodology to our conditions, we created the unique Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Index and Customer Experience Call back. This methodology was then adopted by almost all energy companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. To date, it is the only comprehensive and continuous methodology for measuring customer portfolios in the energy industry.