Industries we know

Horeca, On Trade, On Premise

Gastro market, market of gastronomic enterprises, restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, fast food and pubs.

Out of Home

It maps all consumption outside the home. In addition to Horeca, it also includes At Work, Vending, Institutional Market and Business & Industry.

Energy a Utility

Gas, electricity, water and other services of this type.

Technology & Telecommunications

Mobile and telephone operators.


Customer satisfaction in the automotive, car and truck industry. Mystery shopping, Customer feedback, Potential measurement.


The FMCG market in all its contexts.


Measuring compliance with merchandising standards, mystery shopping, price monitoring

Health and social sector

Health care, social services, children’s homes, senior care homes.

Accommodation, entertainment, travelling

Hotels, guesthouses, entertainment facilities – water parks, cinemas, etc.

At Work

Workplaces, practices and consumption from the perspective of employers and employees.

Business & Industry

Business buildings and offices.

Institutional segment

Úřady, vojenské jednotky, věznice.