Become a Horeca Expert programme


How to always be one step ahead in Czech-Slovak Horeca

The program is designed for those who want to understand more about Horeca. Horeca is a specific market, completely different from all others. Each outlet in this market is different, each has a different owner, different customers and a different offer. Therefore, it is almost unrealistic to work with this market in a uniform way.

The goal of the program is to always provide you with the right information when you need it.

The programme will focus on trends, visitors and operators. Simply everything that determines the direction of Horeca today.

Every month you will receive a new batch of data from us and once a quarter we will meet and discuss

Overview of topics by month



Market review – Market size and structure

What is the actual number of operating outlets? How many outlets have undergone a change of concept? Which concepts are the most successful?



Visitor profile and segmentation

How to look at visitors and how to segment them by age, occasion of visits? What to attract each visitor segment with? What does the visitor today consider to be key in the range and service of the outlet?



Habits of visitors to Horeca

For what occasions do visitors come to outlets today? How often and when during the day and week? What are their habits that no longer apply and what is the new standard for them in choosing an outlet and spending their leisure time? Which events are trending today and motivate them to visit and stay longer in outlets?



Young generation under 25

How to communicate with the young generation? What motivates them when choosing and deciding to visit an outlet? Is the young generation of guests a global generation or does it have its own specificities in the Czech Republic/SK? Why does the young generation prefer “non-contact” outlets, unmanned outlets and delivery service?



Outlets owners and their descriptions

What are the expectations of managers – outlets owners from their business? How to work and communicate with different types of managers in business meetings? What are managers’ perceptions of suppliers meeting their needs?



Horeca’s pricing policy, price development, price sensitivity of visitors

What is the importance of input and output pricing for each assortment item? What margins will keep outlets profitable given their focus and guests? What is the price sensitivity of guests and how does the amount they spend change according to the occasion of their visit? Price evolution of main categories by EU countries and other price analyses.



Summer season in the habits of visitors

How do visitor habits change in summer? What attracts them most to stay in gastro outlets? What activates their summer visitation?



Successful news of the summer season

What’s the hit of the summer season from the drinks and food ranges? What caught the eye and what did visitors taste from the summer novelties on offer? What combinations of alcoholic and non-alcoholic are a hit? What new menu specials did visitors sample this summer?



Summer season from the perspective of outlets managers

How did the summer season turn out in meeting the expectations of outlets? What contributed to its success? What events increased attendance and paid off.



Profile of beer, spirits, soft drinks, coffee, snacks and food consumers



Preparing for Christmas

What’s new for the Christmas party season. Planned New Year’s Eve parties.



Review of the year and outlook/vision for the next year through the eyes of outlets managers

How did outlets manage to meet their annual plans? Did attendance and sales expectations come true? What contributed to the success? What are the managers’ plans for the next period? What changes and innovations in operations and product mix do they want to implement?

Plus …

You also have the option of setting your own ad hoc topic that you are currently addressing on the Horeca market.

We will prepare it for you in the next month.

Why take part in the programme:

The understanding and context in Horeca that you get from us will provide you with a complete overview for:

  • Effective planning of communication and business activities,
  • acquisition success,
  • rapid launch of new products
  • and next steps towards managers and outlets visitors themselves.

It is understanding and knowing your visitors that is key to success in this market.

Success in Horeca only comes with a complete knowledge of how the market works, a visionary strategy and the perfect executive.

Sample of what you can learn in the selected topics

Revision of Horeca - market size and structure

  • How the number of outlets is evolving. Are they increasing or decreasing?
  • Are the types of outlets changing and therefore their product range?
  • Where are outlets increasing and decreasing the most? In large or small towns? In the centres or in the suburbs

Visitor profile and segmentation

  • How often do guests come to the outlets?
  • What are the main reasons they come to outlets? Food, hanging out with friends, beer, breakfast, etc.?
  • How satisfied are guests with their visit to Horeca? The menu, prices, quality of food, staff, etc.
  • Do they still go to the same places or do they prefer to visit new places? Why are they loyal to their chosen outlets?
  • What makes them visit a new/unknown outlet. How many guests look for reviews on social media?
  • Are guests loyal to brands? How willing are they to sample new products?

Young generation under 25

  • How often does the younger generation come to outlets and what are the main reasons for their visits?
  • Which types of outlets do they like and why do they choose them? Is the young generation loyal?
  • What do young people prefer in the range of outlets on offer? Which drinks and what food are among their favourites? How do they rate the standard menu in outlets?
  • Price sensitivity.
  • How do young people think the ideal staff should work?
  • How satisfied are young people with the offer in outlets, prices, quality of service and staff.
  • Are young people guided by information on social media? Do they share their experiences of outlets there?
  • How important is it for young people if an outlet is “green”. Does it affect their relationship with the enterprise?
  • Sources of income of the young generation and the way they manage

Beer consumers

  • How often do guests order beer in Horeca. On what occasions most often? Do they prefer to consume beer alone or in a group.
  • What are their favourite brands of beer? What is the loyalty to these brands at Horeca? Does the consumer only go to outlets that offer their favorite brand of beer?
  • Attitude of the “beer drinker” towards specialty beers … tank, unpasteurized, unfiltered, etc.. Does the consumer prefer outlets offering these specialties. What advantages do consumers perceive in these specialties?
  • What is the price sensitivity for beer? Where is the perceived threshold beyond which consumers would no longer buy beer in a gastro.
  • Popularity of special tap styles – smooth, snifter, …. What is the awareness of these styles among consumers.
  • What do consumers use to judge the quality of beer and how do they judge this quality? How do they perceive the level of draught beer in Horeca?

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