DNews 20 years September 2018

20 years of experience with market research
Hundreds of months of tailored analyses and datamining
Thousands of days of reporting and inspiration for you

Thank you for being with you

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And what are going to do TOMORROW?

  • We develop research and expert advice so you can use it for your next job
  • We are constantly developing new technologies for working with the data available on line 7/24
  • We are ahead in the understanding of the new generation of customers and employees in the global world so we can tell you how to communicate with them, how to attract them and gain their loyalty
  • Linking the effects of communication, brand image, quality of service to a corporate or brand strategy
  • Our conclusions and expert advice provide guidance for your best and most effective decision-making

Data Servis - informace s.r.o.

we serve information and data in context

  • For each of your questions we have the answer: What isn´t measured can not be managed in business.
  • We verify your every thought of a new product, a new customer segment, a new market, a new communication campaign, and we will prepare you for reality so that you are successful.
  • We bring real benefits from research. Useful data to understand customer decisions and attitudes (B2B and B2C), the impact of communication on brands, the power of personal experience and the WOM on loyalty.

we advise new trends and new inspiration

  • We can anticipate future developments in consumer demand for products, service, communication and entertainment, all thanks to long-term in-depth monitoring of consumer behavior and attitudes.
  • We know about every newcomer coming into the market. We measure its success and choose the right opportunity for other activities.

... we monitor changes for you

  • The most important drivers in the market are consumers and employees. Yet Generation Y means significant changes for the market. The coming generation Z is shaking with him again. We can link views in Dynamic 3Z Context: Brand - Customer - Employee.
  • The past has been about customer satisfaction, the present is about customer experience and the future is about the emotions and delights of customers in contact with the brand. How can I get ready for a new era of brand management? We know.

we provide you our comfortable and expert service of our professional and experienced team

  • We are an experienced expert team where each of us knows what to do, how it is supposed to do and we want to do it because our work is meaningful and we enjoy it.
  • We are with you from the idea to the consumer (pretest - communication efficiency - visibility - whisper and experience - loyalty - distribution - market share).
  • You have comfortable data on your monitor today. Our Online Application is available 24/.

We are actively involved, we care about the future
  • We inspire regular DNEWS and Newsletters about news and market trends
  • We work with professional associations, unions to promote better business conditions
  • We publish in professional media, blogging current themes
  • We participate in expert conferences, panel discussions, workshops
  • We develop talent - trainees – studentsWe support children's centers, sheltered workshops and good deeds
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